Sunday, January 1, 2017

Disclaimer: No Guarentee

Day 1: do the things.
Day 2: keep doing the things...
Day 183: still doing the things?
Day 365: try new things?
Let me warn you. This post might not make you feel good. In fact I hope it makes you uncomfortable. Don't get me wrong. My goal for this blog is to encourage, speak gently, spread love. But something is on my heart that must be said.
The numbers on your calendar have no power. 2016 didn't take anything goes from you. 2017 won't give you anything. Just because it is a new year doesn't inherently make it any different than last year. You want different? Check your power source.
In the note for the study of the book of John that I'm doing (with Bible Study Fellowship. Yes, please ask me more about that!) I read this passage and felt the weight of its truth heavily on my heart.
"Jesus' reply [in John] 8:34-38: 'very truly I tell you, everyone who sins is a slave to sin.' Jesus spoke of a slavery different than the ownership of one human by another. Even today, people may falsely believe they will eventually release their bitterness, gradually eliminate their tendency to deceive or even curtail their habit of  criticism. They may promise themselves they will stop their sexual sin. They may believe that as they get older they will become less self indulgent and more generous and disciplined. However, good intentions are no match for the presence and power of sin in people's lives. Sin enslaved and even extends it's control. Every person is driven to obey the impulses that come from our nature. [...] BUT membership in God's family comes through new birth through the Holy Spirit and faith in God's Son. In that relationship is freedom, from nothing God's judgement and sings control."
So before you make plans for the New Year, check your power supply. In whom are you trusting to make changes?

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