Thursday, May 9, 2013

I'm baaaack!

I know. You've missed me, haven't you. Pining away, checking facebook every day to see if I posted a new blog. Or perhaps getting by on the adorable baby pictures all over my timeline. Yeah. I can't get enough of her either. :P

Well, I have returned. After a three month vacation (HA! haha! right.) I have returned to the blogging world. I am excited about whats in store for the future.

I am starting a new phase of ministry, after having completed a special training. I hope to start posting weekly ministry updates, to keep those curious informed, and to keep myself accountable to managing the time God has given me. 

Of course I still have that adorable doodle bug pictured above. I hope not to let her take over the blog too much. But i will be occasionally chronicling motherhood every once in a while. Don't worry. This will not become a purely mommy-blog. 

Finally, if you know me, you know one of my greatest struggles and convictions is the fact that I am horrible at keeping a daily time with God. I hope to return to frequent "Lingering in the Light" posts to share the things God is doing in my heart and in my life. 

Hope you will enjoy the ride alongside me. :) TTFN. (Yeah, the Pooh nursery theme is starting to get to me.)

PS. if there are any suggestions, stories, updates, etc, you would like to see more of, just send a shout out. You know where to find me. :)

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