Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Love Triangle: me, my family, and my job.

When my daughter smiles at me I feel the same way as when I walk into a YMCA and kids run up and hug me. All i have to do is watch her sleep and it thrills me. Thrills me as much as telling kids stories from the Bible that show them how much God loves them.

Does it make me a bad mom to say that I love my job as much as my family? :P

Strangely these were the thoughts that kept me persevering through the doubt that I could a wife, mom, and missionary all at the same time. God has called me, and he is able to and will equip me. :)

So yeah. Ministry. I have a confession to make. Hopefully no one will hate me for it. In the flesh... I am extremely lazy. :( Monday, I slept until mid afternoon, and once i lost that big chunk of the day, it was so hard to resolve myself to anything, whether it be exercise, cleaning, or making calls. However, I did meet with a friend to practice my ministry presentation. Not only did I have a great run through, even while caring for the baby, but she is also considering partnering and spreading the word. :)

So yesterday i resolved myself to getting up at six am. yikes!And I was actually quite productive. I didn't get as much as wanted done because of a praticularly needy baby that day but still. I made four calls, left two messages, and got one really great response. Following up on that response in the next couple of days. 

Unfortunately my KCT coach cancelled our first call because of health issues, but i am looking forward to our first call next week. 

So over all not a terrible start. :)

Romans 8:28 We know that all things work together for the good of those who love God: those who are called according to His purpose.

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