Saturday, May 18, 2013

LITL: Love has a new address.

"The Word became flesh and took up residence among us. We observed His glory, the glory as the One and Only Son from the Father, full of grace and truth." (John 1:14)

I am here to tell you what love is all about. Twister. That's what.

I have two dear friends. Like sisters. I have known Hallay since she was born and Hannah since she moved here from New Orleans in 2005. We have worked together. I've even taught them in classes. Now I feel like they are teaching me. Or at least reminding me. (But more about that later.)

Because this isn't about Hallay and Hannah. Or about me. It's about Jesus and the example that he set for us to follow. As John says, Christ came down and lived among us. he didnt yell down to us from heaven, "Hey! y'all down there! (Because he wouldve had a southern accent.) I love you!" He didn't get in a bus and just pick us all up, haul us to the pearly gates. He came down to us messy, unreliable humans. He became like us. 

 Love is sitting with someone's kids at a rickety folding table in a tiny rickety kitchen. Its eating some sort of leftovers you don't recognize because it's the most sincere way she can say thank you for driving her across town to the doctor's office. Love is considering leaving your stroller on the curb so.can fit a woman's Wic, two kids, and tandem stroller in your car so she doesn't have to walk two miles home from the store in the heat. 

Love is moving in next to families who need the love of Christ without a second glance at the neighborhood, the crime rate, or the state of the apartment. Love is letting in as many kids as can spill in your door to play twister. Love is sacrifice. Jesus sacrificed comfort and safety. He sacrificed food and shelter. And I bet heaven doesn't accustom you to constantly being covered in dirt but he did it. For me. For you. 

Hallay and Hannah are moving into Hopper Gardens to live among some of our newest dear friends. This people group is descended from Aztec culture, and speak an oral language nothing like Spanish. They are a barely reached people as of the present, but we are working to fix that. :) Hallay and Hannah are living out a direct example of Christ that many of us applaud from our comfortable seats. 

Love didn't applaud. Love came down to me and moved in next door.

Now this part is about Hallay and Hannah. They are taking on the task that God has given them to be the light of Christ to a people group hardly reached before. If you have never heard of the Mixtecan people, they are descended from the Aztec culture of southern Mexico. Most of them do not speak Spanish, but rather an oral language much, much older than Spanish occupation of Mexico. Their understanding of religion is largely a mixture of pagan worship, such as ancestor worship, and the Catholicism that the Spanish brought. Hannah and Hallay are moving into an apartment complex that is home to many mixtecan family our church has had the blessing of reaching out to. They plan to help keep the children caught up with school over the summer, as well as involve the families in various activities.

If you are interested in helping these Mixtecan families and their children to learn to know the love of Christ, then tune in to what's going on with the Every Tribe Project. You can like them on facebook or follow their updates on their blog,

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